How To Reduce PayPal's Exorbitant Fee When Paying Via Card

Let Us Show You This Long Known Secret

There are times when you will want to send a PayPal payment and you won't have enough in your  balance to sort it out. Then you will need to pay the rest via card; imagine PayPal's system initially showing to charge me pounds while the card is a dollar card and it was automatically set by them to  "convert with PayPal" before I changed it. Refer to the image below to see what I'm saying:

When you get to the first page shown up there, click on "change" circled in the first image and select "convert with card issuer" as it can be seen in the second image so as to save yourself from exorbitant charge on your card.

It is that simple; do let us your questions and concerns using the comment box below!  !!



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