Robert L. Jefferson

Baritone, Robert L. Jefferson, has performed throughout the United States, Japan, Korea, and Australia. Dr. Jefferson’s operatic roles include Count Almaviva and Figaro in Mozart’s, Le nozze di Figaro, Schaunard in Puccini’s, La bohème, Baron Mirko Zeta in Lehár’s, The Merry Widow, King Balthazar in Menotti’s Amahl and the Night Visitors, scenes from Porgy and Bess, Les Misérables, South Pacific and others. He has appeared in such productions as La Calisto, Peter Grimes, and Simon Boccanegra. Dr. Jefferson has also performed as soloist in oratorio and other choral works, such as Handel’s Messiah, Fauré’s Requiem, and Ernest Bloch’s, Sacred Service. In addition to the classical repertoire, Jefferson is an outstanding interpreter of American Patriotic as well as traditional music from the rich African-American heritage.

Jefferson has performed with such notable organizations as the Houston Grand Opera, the United States Air Force Pacific Air Command Ensemble, Director of the Yokota Inspirational Gospel Choir, Japan, as well as the Soldiers’ Chorus of The United States Army Field Band, Washington, DC, performing with major symphonic orchestras and in concert halls including Kennedy Center, Boston Symphony and Carnegie Hall, and has taught at the elementary through college levels. Dr. Jefferson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, a Master of Music degree from the University of Houston, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Maryland. A vocal student of Elena Nikolaidi and François Loup.

Being an accomplished pianist and composer, Jefferson is also skilled in jazz and gospel. Dr. Jefferson is the author of the most popular and comprehensive books on the study of Gospel Music Performance Practice and Technique. His text book, Spirituals and Gospel Music Performance Practice: A Dual Curriculum that Bridges the Cultural Divide, is used by educators as a guide in developing a curriculum in the study of Gospel Music and Spirituals in the classroom environment. Dr. Jefferson is published by Oxford University Press, Theodore Presser, Carl Fischer, as well as other publishers.

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Background & Philosophy

Dr. Robert L. Jefferson has been delighting audiences with Gospel Music for over 35 years. He has performed with major symphonic orchestras and in concert halls throughout the United States and abroad.

He has performed with some notable organizations, including the United States Air Force Pacific Air Command Ensemble in Tokyo, Japan, the Soldiers’ Chorus of The United States Army Field Band and more. He spent his entire career teaching people how to play Gospel Music. He searched across the country to find a Piano Method entirely focused on Gospel Music. Since he couldn't find any, he decided that he would write one.

Since then, he has compiled a vast body of work with all the necessary resources for people to learn Gospel Music. He is proud to present his books, courses, and musical arrangements to the general public. He will surely bring joy to people's homes.

Why Gospel Music?

Gospel Music brings us to the core of African American culture in the United States. This musical movement is part of America's cultural heritage, connecting the African American community to its origins. It's meant to elevate the soul to recognize Americas' cultural heritage through "songs of hope" - Mahalia Jackson.

This music genre started in the late 1920s when religious songs united with the more popular jazz and blues genres – ushering America into the Golden Age of Black Soul Music.

This musical genre combines various melodies to bring people closer to the Christian message. It's a message framed around emancipation and deliverance. These songs continually remind us to be hopeful of great things to come.

With Gospel Music, you'll experience the full breadth of your emotional experience.
  • You'll enrich your heart, mind, and soul with this inspirational music.
  • Gospel Music will help lift and edify your soul when you’re down and allow God’s love to touch you in an even greater way.
  • You will gain a greater spiritual connection to the African American heritage.
  • And more...

This musical genre is now more important than ever. That's why through our Books, Recordings and Sheet Music, we desire to bring a message of hope and joy to everyone.

Learn How to Play Gospel Music

Mission and Vision Statement


Our mission is to spread Gospel Music Education throughout the world.

We aim to have the go-to site where people can nurture their soul with music that has lived for decades in the American mind. Gospel Music is not understood by many and can be challenging to get a proper education on the blessings this music brings. We want to make it understood and cherished by people across the globe. People worldwide have yet to experience the joy of playing this music that touches the soul in their church, with friends, family, or themselves.

People can unite by learning and experiencing the full breadth of Gospel Music.

We are constantly driven to help

  • Authors
  • Composers
  • Educators
  • Students

Access this site as the only resource you need for everything related to Gospel Music education. If you are an author or composer, we want this to be your go-to site to showcase your music to the world. In addition, you will be able to upload your educational material to the site and spread knowledge along with Dr. Jefferson.

For Gospel Music educators, this is your resource hub to find instructional materials to integrate Gospel Music into your curriculum.

Dr. Jefferson has created educational materials, synthesizing his 30 plus years of knowledge gathered all in one place. With a vast collection of books, recordings, and sheet music. You have everything you need to get started.

So, whether you are a student who is just beginning or if you are more advanced, this site will have everything you need to assist you in learning gospel piano.

We want to encourage educational institutions, instructors, and individuals to experience the joy of learning music that fills the soul.

With every lesson, CD, or book, you will experience the depth and breadth of this music that filled the American spirit for decades. For younger generations, artists, and everyone interested in music that transports you to the African-American roots…

Get ready to become an essential part of this growing Gospel Music trend.

Our Core Beliefs

Worship Unites
We believe that worship unites people and that spiritual music is the vehicle of this unity. Therefore, under the banner of harmony and unity, we can experience immense joy.

Music has no barriers
You will enter a new world of music that sees new frontiers and expands horizons. Everyone can share their joy through Gospel Music.

Music knowledge is universal
Everything uploaded on this site is meant to be shared with everyone. Dr. Jefferson is delivering his deep knowledge all in one place. We encourage educators to share this knowledge with students and artists to share their music with the world.


To become the world leader in Gospel Music education. Constantly driven to teach the powerful heritage of Gospel Music, our vision is to expand our educational blueprint worldwide.

To help people sharpen their technique and knowledge.

We offer precise instruction to take anyone from beginner to expert, regardless of your level of knowledge. We envision ourselves showing the world that Gospel Music is about learning techniques, elevating your spiritual senses, and relaxing your mood. Most importantly, our goal is to unite people. We want to bring people from different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities to enjoy the bliss of African American music under the banner of unity. We are here for people who want to make their dream of playing their favorite church music a reality. For people of different backgrounds, creeds, races, this site is about bringing unity. You will open up to the vast world of Gospel Music that unites people.

Gospel music is the music that brings unity among people. We envision a world of harmony and bliss, where people are united under a common goal: elevating each other through the power of Gospel Music. Our goal is to spread this music through the entire world and help you become part of this incredible Gospel music movement. You are invited to come on board and help us build a site at the forefront of this Gospel Music trend.

Together we can become the only site people need to access the breadth and depth of Gospel Music Education.

How we help you

You will find your go-to guide to learning Gospel Piano.

You will experience joy through melodies that date back to the cultural heritage of the African American community.

If you’re a music educator, integrating Gospel Music into your curriculum will help expand and broaden and enhance your teaching skills.

You will help students learn one of the most beautiful forms of human expression deeply rooted in our American tradition.

We partner with artists, musicians, and instructors to give them easy access to everything they need to further their knowledge and skills in Gospel Piano and Gospel Music in general.

If you’re interested in learning your favorite tune, access piano lessons given by Dr. Jefferson or find valuable information regarding learning gospel piano, this is your go-to site. Thanks for sharing with us!

Join this Gospel Music education movement today!