Gospel Music Book Collection

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An American Christmas

Get a new twist on your favorite Christmas carols.

This book offers 16 Carols and Carol arrangements from American Composers. This book includes Robert L. Jefferson's arrangement of Oh, What a Wonderful Child. Delight your family and friends with these musical arrangements.


Spirituals and Gospel Music Performance Practice

This textbook covers the best performance practices of Spirituals and Gospel Music. It is also a book that teaches Gospel Music through a deep exploration of the vast cultural heritage of the African American community. Gospel Music can be used as a true conduit to bridge ethnic, cultural and racial divides that plague our country.


How to Play Gospel Music for Beginners

Learn to play Gospel Music and to play the piano at the same time!

For people who want a practical approach to learn Gospel Music quickly, this book is for you! This book makes learning to play Gospel Music with the piano a fun activity for all ages! Perfect for class piano or group lessons.


How to Play Gospel Music for Beginners Book 2

This book is perfect for beginning piano students who would like to learn to play Gospel Music and the piano simultaneously. Use this book as a supplement to How to Play Gospel Music for Beginners. This book has over 50 Multi-Level Arrangements! Songs are written in the traditional Gospel Style. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate student, this book is perfect for you! It makes learning fun for all ages!


Gospel Music Performance Practice and Technique Volume 1 - 30th Anniversary Edition

This book is the leading book on learning how to play Gospel Music. It offers step-by-step instructions to play both traditional and contemporary styles. It's perfect for intermediate to advanced students. Whether you're a private instructor or professor, it's your go-to guide. It has been updated and includes a chapter on curriculum and lesson plans that's perfect for a classroom setting or private studio.


Gospel Music Performance Practice and Technique Volume 2 - 30th Anniversary Edition

This book will help you play Gospel Music immediately.

It has clear note for note arrangements. It's perfect for intermediate to advanced students. This book should be read together with Volume 1 to get a comprehensive and authoritative overview of Gospel Music.


How To Play Gospel Music Books and Materials by Other Authors and Composers

By Mark Harrison

Gospel Keyboard Styles: A Complete Guide to Harmony, Rhythm and Melody in Authentic Gospel Style

This book digs into the authentic gospel stylings associated with great artists such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. The first part of the book deals with the 3/4 or Slow Gospel style (used in the song "Amazing Grace," for example), showing the harmonic techniques needed to create the real gospel sound on the piano. The second part focuses on the 4/4 or Fast Gospel style, where gospel harmonies are combined with up-tempo rhythms and syncopations to create exciting results (such as in Paul Simon's song "Gone at Last"). The techniques covered in this book will help you lead your congregation at the piano, and will inject new ideas into your rock, R&B and funk playing.


By Ethel Caffie-Austin

Learn to Play Gospel Piano

Ethel Caffie-Austin continues her joyous and insightful lesson, teaching techniques and powerful arrangements of well-known hymns, spirituals and sanctified music. You'll be playing "Amazing Grace," "Yes Lord," "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus," "Jesus is on the Mainline," "Show Me The Way," "Study War No More" and "I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord," complete with intros, walking basses, runs and embellishments.