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Dr. Jefferson provides private piano lessons and vocal coaching for beginner and advanced students. No matter what stage of the learning process you're in, Dr. Jefferson's classes are always clear and understandable. It isn't easy to come by teachers who have a vast knowledge of Gospel Music. With Dr. Jefferson, you'll have everything you need to learn your favorite song.

He has over 35 years of experience teaching others how to play their favorite Gospel Music, and he's ready to guide you through the learning experience of your lifetime!

  • Gospel Music lessons

    He offers private lessons in-person and virtually, for those with no knowledge, to more advanced players. His philosophy is that anyone can learn if they're willing to put in the time and effort. Now, if you've never studied the piano and you dread that formal piano training required to learn classical music, Dr. Jefferson has the right solution for you!

    He offers Gospel Music lessons that don't require any piano knowledge. He'll teach students piano basics reading music notation at the same time! Students should get ready for some upbeat melodies during their piano lessons. Dr. Jefferson guarantees they won't get overwhelmed with all those technicalities involved in learning to play the piano.

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  • Classical and Jazz Lessons

    For students interested in learning other traditional piano styles, such as classical and jazz, Dr. Jefferson also offers piano lessons in these genres.

    For more advanced piano students, and for those who prefer personalized coaching in the Gospel style, you can take advantage of Dr. Jefferson's personal coaching sessions.

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  • Vocal Training & Coaching

    Suppose you are a vocalist trained in a musical genre other than Gospel Music. In that case, Dr. Jefferson offers vocal coaching to individuals who would like coaching in the Gospel style.

    Lessons and coaching are given on a flexible schedule, at your own pace! Dr. Jefferson believes that everyone has a particular learning style, so all his classes will suit their needs.

    So, regardless of your experience, Dr. Jefferson will teach you how to sing sublime Gospel Music in the shortest amount of time.

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