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Dr. Robert L. Jefferson presents the only site you need to get trained in playing your favorite Gospel Music.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our lessons are tailored to teach you the finest Gospel Music that will elevate your soul. You'll also have access to well-renowned teachers who offer lessons in jazz, blues, and Gospel Music.

They bring you joy through hard times and music to delight your soul.

Dr. Jefferson Presents


Our books are jam-packed with valuable insights into Gospel Music techniques, Christmas Carol arrangements, and an entire course in Gospel Music!

Dr. Jefferson Presents


We offer some unique recordings and curated CDs and DVDs to listen to your favorite upbeat Gospel Music or learn as an absolute beginner!

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Dr. Jefferson Presents


We offer you our carefully selected and curated musical arrangements to bring to your enthusiastic audiences wherever you perform.



Learn How to Play Gospel Music – Mission and Vision Statement

As one of the leading Gospel Music educators, Dr. Jefferson is ready to help more people experience the pleasure of learning Gospel Music.

This is the only site you need to experience the joy of learning, teaching, and promoting Gospel Music.

Dr. Jefferson has been at the forefront of the Gospel Music education movement for more than three decades. He’s gathering all of his knowledge in one site. His deep desire is that everyone can learn and promote their music through this site.

Get ready to take a glimpse at the vast resources on gospel Music you’ll have right at your fingertips

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