Henrietta K’antplayalick

Hi! I’m Henrietta K’antplayalick.

I’d always dreamed of playing Gospel Music, but I had one problem…I didn’t know how to play the piano – UNTIL I found the Jefferson How To Play Black Gospel books! Chile, now I’m the new pianist at Mount Big Times Baptist Church!!!

Hear it from Ms. Henrietta part 1
Hear it from Ms. Henrietta part 2

Bring Happiness to your life with Gospel Music!


Henrietta K’antplayalick wanted to fulfill her lifelong dream of playing Gospel Music, but she couldn’t play the piano. She didn’t even know where to start until…She found the Jefferson How to Play Gospel Books! Because of her great success, she’s spreading the word nationwide and helping people learn the piano while having fun playing Gospel Music!

Dr. Jefferson’s Back Story

Since Dr. Robert L. Jefferson, one of America’s authorities on the subject penned his first book on Gospel Music over 30 years ago, interest in this musical genre skyrocketed, both in the secular and Christian arenas. But authoritative information is still lacking. He has taught the fundamentals of Gospel Music to innumerable students and teachers. His books remain the “definitive collection” on How to Play Gospel Music, and they are now available at your fingertips!

Dr. Jefferson has said:

“It’s flattering when I see more and more young teachers using the terms and terminology that I coined so many years ago in my first book. It lets me know that there’s a new generation of musicians who will carry on the rich legacy of Gospel Music.”

He’s promptly here to teach you the breathtaking melodies of Gospel Music. Gospel Music is deeply embedded in American tradition. Through these books, Dr. Jefferson provides the only resources you need to make this heritage stand the test of time.